After damaging myself walking in bad shoes I’ve been unable to do any walks.  It’s incredibly frustrating!Instead I’ve had to sit back and dream of where I will be walking this summer, after I return from my honeymoon, and hopefully three weeks of better knee rest.  Here’s a list of my top targets for June and July:

  • I will complete the Capital Ring in South London.  This means one long walk from Streatham Common to Richmond.
  • But it also means completing The Grove Park stretch of the Capital Ring that I missed by accident before.  To do this I will create a Green Chain-Capital Ring circuit around Downham.
  • The whole Wandle Trail from Croydon to the Thames in Wandsworth.
  • The Thames Path from Putney to Richmond.
  • The LOOP from Hamsey Green to Banstead Downs on one day,
  • and then the LOOP from Banstead Downs to Kingston on another day.
  • The Waterlink Way from Deptford to Beckenham using the Ravensbourne and Pool rivers.

This is a fairly large amount of walking in a short space of time but it will make my map of South London look amazing with the criss-crossed lines of completed walks.

I will probably use the late-setting sun to complete a few Central London routes after finishing work, the Jubilee Greenway for instance.  These can be tackled in short bursts and are usually very straight, using canals, so they don’t take long.

Therefore, stay tuned for reports on every one of these!