What’s happening in London in April

Every April, London buzzes with energy and vibrancy as the city offers a vast array of events that take place every year. With such a plethora of options of what’s happening in London in April, every interest is satisfied. From cultural festivals to sporting extravaganzas, the city offers something for everybody, young or mature.  Read on to learn more about what’s happening in April in London and all the events and activities you won’t want to miss

London Marathon

The London Marathon is one of the most iconic marathons in the world with elite athletes and enthusiastic amateurs converging on the London streets to pound the pavement, pushing their limits and searching for glory! The annual event sees participants run through the city passing famous landmarks, including the Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace. The London Marathon is worth attending even if you’re not a runner:  the vibrant atmosphere and cheering crowds make the Marathon a must-see event in the London calendar.

what's happening in London in April

William Shakespeare's Birthday

April is the month marking William Shakespeare’s Birthday, with celebrations to honour the legendary playwrite whose impact on literature and language is still felt. London pays homage to this literary icon with great celebrations including events, performances and lectures. Outside London, there is a grand parade in Stratford-upon-Avon, where the poet and playwrite was born.

what's happening in London in April

London Coffee Festival

London Coffee Festival is where coffee lovers gather in numbers in April. The Festival fun item on the what’s happening in London in April Calendar, and is held at the trendy Old Truman Brewery. The event celebrates the city’s vibrant and growing coffee culture. Explore artisanal coffee stalls, watch barista competitions, and join educational tasting workshops to enhance your coffee knowledge

The Feast of St George: cultural events in London

The Feast of St George, England’s patron saint, is a lively annual event celebrated in Trafalgar Square. The 23 April is St Georges Day, and sees a vibrant, and at times quirky, celebration with traditional food, live performances, and family-friendly activities. Wanting to learn more about English culture? This is a great opportunity to  immerse yourself in Englishness, and and enjoy the festive and celebratory atmosphere.

what's happening in London in April

Canalway Cavalcade

With milder weather, going outdoors is where and what’s happening in London in April. Head to canal for the Canalway Cavalcade. This is a boating festival celebrating London’s canals and this takes places in the gorgeous Little Venice, a fantastic area to explore. Enjoy boat parades, market food, live music, and a vibrant market atmosphere along the waterway.

what's happening in London in April

London Games Festival

London Games Festival  is heaven for gamers and tech enthusiasts. The London Games Festival showecases the latest in interactive entertainment, video games and virtual reality. For a week of exciting events and showcases, this festival brings together industry professionals and gamers.

Record Store Day

Record Store Day is for passionate vinyl and music enthusiasts. Record Store Day is a global celebration of independent record stores and London’s record shops join the festivities. Look out for exclusive releases, live performances, and a chance to engage with fellow vinyl lovers.

what's happening in London in April

Easter Weekend Celebrations

Easter Weekend Celebrations in London is central to what’s happening in London in April. Easter Weekend sees a vast offering of Easter events and activities. From traditional Easter egg hunts in parks and local communities to Easter church services, the city embraces the holiday spirit. Many tourist attractions, community hubs and libraries host themed events, making it an wonderful opportunity for family outings. There will be chocolate, of course!

The Underbelly Festival on the South Bank: Vibrant riverside events in London in April

The Underbelly Festival on the South Bank is an outdoor festival kicks off with a mix of comedy, circus, cabaret, and family-friendly entertainment. This diverse festival  with amazing events along the river including free performances, food stalls and a typically London outdoor festival atmosphere. With more sun, it’s a perfect way to enjoy the longer days and what happening in London in April.

what's happening in London in April

World Burlesque Games and London Burlesque Festival

World Burlesque Games and the London Burlesque Festival in the same month allow you to experience the glamour and artistry of burlesque. The World Games and the Festival, the latter taking place over a week, feature performances by world-class burlesque artists, celebrating the diverse, glamourous, scintilating and captivating world of burlesque entertainment.

what's happening in London in April

Vaisakhi Festival

Vaisakhi Festival is a must-attend festival which takes place in Trafalgar Square. Join the vibrant celebrations of Vaisakhi, the Sikh New Year, in London. There are cultural and religious live music concerts, processions, performances, traditional dance, and delicious food. The celebrations provide a cultural immersion into Sikh traditions. This is a free festival that take place at Trafalgar Square. Expect performances of Kirtan (spiritual music) and Gatka (Sikh martial arts) and displays of Sikh art.

what's happening in London in April

What’s happening in London in April …

So, now you know what’s happening in London in April, you can be reassured that London in April is alive with amazing events and activities. You will find an activity for everyone.

Please check listings and details online as things might have changed since publication. Don’t miss London in April: a magical month in a magical city.

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