Or, the routes I want to walk in London this year!

Last year I wrote a summary of my walking in 2012  and what I hoped to achieve in 2013. I’m not going to do that this year. I soon discovered that life complicates matters to an extent that planning becomes extremely difficult. Not just my own life but the weirdly mangled existence of Transport for London too. Their seemingly random closing and fragmentation of transport services at weekends makes planning ahead actually quite difficult to do. When you factor in the weather and especially localised flooding you end up with myriad reasons why you can’t do what you originally planned.

Luckily London is enormous enough to provide plenty of alternative walks. I have now pretty much conquered everything south of the Thames so venturing to starting points far in the north takes a very long time, necessitating an early start. Yesterday my brain woke me up at 5:20am, which was very unwelcome in some respects but it did mean I was out of the house by 6am. Even so I didn’t arrive at South Kenton for the start of my walk until just before 9am. And that’s for a walk that only took me about three and a half hours in total! It’s hard work sometimes.

So, partly to take the place of a yearly summary and partly to lay down the gauntlet for myself I thought I’d use this post to cover exactly what I think I still need to walk from the larger and ‘strategic’ walks that London has to offer. This is not an exhaustive list for the year and PLEASE enlighten me if I’ve left something important out. I’m sure I have…

Capital Ring

  • Highgate to Clapton – 7ish miles. This walk will complete the Capital Ring, with a little spur on it to reach a train station at the end.

London Outer Orbital Path (LOOP)

  • Hayes & Harlington to Moor Park – 16.5 miles.
  • Moor Park to Elstree – 13 miles.
  • Elstree to Cockfosters – 11 miles.
  • Cockfosters to Chingford – 13 miles.
  • Chingford to Harold Wood – 16 miles.
  • Harold Wood to Purfleet – 14.5 miles. And I will aim to walk this one last of all the LOOP sections as I have been trying to walk in order for a while now.

Thames Path (north bank)

  • Teddington Footbridge to Kew Bridge – 7.4 miles.
  • Kew Bridge to Westminster Bridge – 13.2 miles. I quite fancy this being my final ‘big’ London walk. The seed of the idea for all this was sown when I carried out a Thames Path walk in 2009, from County Hall to Putney, so to me it feels fitting to have a celebratory drink back in Westminster.

Grand Union Canal Walk

  • Paddington to Bull’s Bridge – 13.5 miles.

Dollis Valley Greenwalk

  • The whole thing – 10 miles.

Wandle Trail

  • The whole thing – 12 miles.

Hillingdon Trail

  • The whole thing, perhaps, Harefield to Cranfield – 20 miles.

So that is a total of only around 170 miles. In 13 walks. Not much at all really. So long as I make the time.

Whatever the case, here is the map of all my walks to date. Soooo many annoying little gaps to plug!

All my walks around London as of 13th January 2014