So yeah, I’m crocked once more! And I’m hating it so much.

I’ve rarely felt so pissed off with myself, so frustrated and trapped. On my last walk, two weeks ago, I hurt my knee pretty badly. After an X-Ray it’s clear there’s no bone damage, so that’s great, but obviously that doesn’t show up any soft tissue damage. I now have a physiotherapy appointment in mid-August as my self-diagnosis of a torn meniscus was also the opinion of my GP. Now begins the process of trying to get as appropriate and SAFE care as possible on the good old NHS. I have to say I was impressed how quickly I got the X-Ray and the physio referral but it remains to be seen if that is actually the best thing for me. I’d much rather have an MRI to visualise how serious the damage is but hey-ho…

Therefore, with depthless angst I have to admit to myself that I cannot physically attain the 10+ miles on each walk that I enjoy so much. Walk Around London will therefore need to be populated with an array of much shorter strolls until I can be confident that I’m able to step beyond these limits again.

Inside the human knee, from Gray's anatomy