If you have read more than a handful of my walk write-ups you will have noticed how much I appreciate a nice piece of graffiti. Here’s a gallery of all the graffiti I have enjoyed so far.

I usually severely crop and resize my photographs so that they don’t batter my readers’ data allowances but I thought this was quite unfair to the original pieces. Just click the thumbnail to access a high resolution version.

Some are proper works of art, others are just scrawled tags that happened to catch my eye.

If you are curious as to where I saw any of these then please leave a comment and I will reply to let you know. Also, if you are interested in me compiling a high-res gallery of other street art I have experienced then pop me a comment.

Feel free to use any of these photographs in any not-for-profit venture but I would appreciate a backlinked credit if you do. And please let me know where you use them, just because I would quite like to see!