I haven’t posted anything for almost 18 months. Oops. Now I have a rather huge backlog to dump from my memory. That may take quite some time to do.

Life has taken some life-changing turns, none of which I’m going to go into here, but the true reason I’ve been so tardy is that Google Maps changed their mapping engine sometime in mid-2014 and I got so pissed off trying to work out how to get around the embedding new maps problem that I put it on ice. Kind of damaging ‘perfectionism’ I suppose you could call it.

So I’ll find a way around that.

For now, here’s a new map of the red squiggly lines I’ve drawn around London. Not nearly as many as I wanted, but ain’t that always the way.

My map of the routes I have walked around London to-date

Expect some new material in the coming weeks. Not all, but some. Hope you’re all well and that you’ve been walking a lot more than I have?