Hello and welcome to the ever-changing WalkaroundLondon.com – my resource for, funnily enough, walking around London…

My name is Chris and I was born in London in the early 1980s. I have spent most of my life commuting and traveling around the capital by public transport. This created a strange disconnection in my mind between the bus stop and train station names, and the communities they serve. I realised that I had little conception of how all these little pockets of life join together and interact with each other beyond the coloured lines on a rail map. To me London was a place of destinations and waypoints, not a continuous and evolving mass. Parks and rivers would flash past whichever window I was gazing through but I would have no idea what was behind that next line of trees, or that next river bend. That needed remedying.

I also found that London has a relatively poor reputation for leisure walking despite the good work of many dedicated groups. South London in particular is often neglected and disparaged in all aspects of its culture and lifestyle, something which is extremely unfair in my view. In order to try and prompt Londoners and other visitors venture beyond the great and good of the centre of the city I thought that I would begin to walk the whole city myself and then tell you all what I think is worth discovering out there.

Please feel free to comment on my posts or to contact me to propose new routes for me to traverse, I’m always on the lookout for interesting walks in London. Similarly, if something is broken then please let me know!