Building up the momentum to get out and explore London on foot comes easily to some people, but what if you need a little extra push?

The following five pointers should help you get to that tipping point where going out is just what you have to do, and no amount of  rubbish on the gogglebox will tell you otherwise…

  • Map where you’ve been.  Mark out on a map of London where you’ve walked so far.  There are few more satisfying feelings than linking different walks together and knowing that you’ve done all of that yourself.  You can see what’s left to do on one of the longer ‘strategic’ paths at the same time as identifying areas you haven’t seen yet.  Once you’ve put a couple of big red wiggly lines on your map of London you start to see how easy it is to turn that into a spider’s web of completed trails.
  • Invest in good, new kit.  Don’t spend an absolute fortune on new trail shoes and a good waterproof but do go out and explore your options in a good shop or spend a couple of hours researching on the internet.  When your shiny new gear turns up you will be eager to see how it measures up in real life.
  • Reward yourself.  Most experts on motivation will tell you to reward your exertions.  You will get a small buzz for completing a long stroll but the added reward of a well-earned pub lunch or just a few beers in a sunny garden makes it feel all the more satisfying.
  • Do it with friends.  If you know people who would be interested then definitely ask them to come along.  Outline briefly what there is to see on the walk that would interest them and dangle the carrot of beer and food at the finish line.  If you’ve got a bit of experience on countryside walks then make sure they bring enough water and snacks, and if they are complete novices then fortify yourself in advance for the highly likely eventuality of far more rest stops than usual.  Let go of any frustration that might bring you and factor in the extra time they might need to complete what for you is a quick march.
  • If all else fails get a dog!  Dogs need to be walked.  London needs to be walked.  Surely a match made in heaven.

Make sure that whatever you do you keep it enjoyable and interesting!